Thursday, April 17, 2014

Honeymoon pics

I will resist the temptation to show you ALL of my honeymoon pics. But fyi, in real life, those idyllic photos of palm trees and white sands you've seen on motivational posters and adverts all your life? That's an actual place you can go to. I know, weird right? 

This is my fave because I photographed someone else's photograph. And I'm a bit obsessed with people posing for photos and how weird that actually is. There's a few videos out there like this:


 There's a future illustration about this brewing in the back of my head somewhere. 

Idyllic N'est Pas?

 I may also be a little obsessed with mirror sunglasses selfies. It just adds that extra dimension of eliptical narcissism you know?

Oh also I drew some pictures:

Ink and wash isn't it? Because if you spend enough time teaching secondary art, you start thinking like a gcse project and using 'a variety of media'. 

Oh dear. 

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