Thursday, August 25, 2011

oh and also this one, done in Norfolk while visiting with the amazing Ros Davis

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

sketchbook special summer 2011.

It is 2011 right? yes. good.

so here are some sketches I only just got round to scanning.

sketch of goings on at Paint it Make it

only sketch completed (well, started) at the beautiful Mattlivia's wedding before I became too drunken to doodle. I was a guest not there in a professional capacity, otherwise that would have been very unprofessional obviously.

Sketches from my trip to Dalyan, Turkey

After I wrote that I realised it sounds weird and American, like how they say Paris, France so you know they don't mean Paris, Texas.
I wonder if I could get married in Paris, Texas, just to confuse people.

London skyline as seen from the 'Heath

Sketch I did at the cleanup after the London Riots - it was a strange day.
I make no political statement.
Here you can see Sainsbury employees giving out free donuts to the enbroomed masses waiting for the police to clear the scene.

Jane Ellison at the Clapham cleanup talking into a megaphone at a camera man, hoards not pictured.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

so as you may know I am starting my new teaching job in September, which is exciting and scary.

Till then tho I am illumustration central (and planning central of course) and pretty much broke of the pockets. So with the time and the poorness I thought I would have a bit of a



first 4 orders of sale will also receive a limited edition pink love zine

including not to be missed offers like


portrait commission for only £15 (that's very cheap you know, I'm good at portraits) - style and content of your choice.

30 by 30cm prints of my iconic Magpies painting for only £9.49
yes that is a weird price, it is because it is translated from dollerz on etsy

and most exciting of all a bumper suprise pack of awesomeness that will fill your life with joy. Made up from extra and special stock that I have about my person and some original art and things I found in my pockets.

Once upon a time me and Ellie Cryer used to fantasize about having an online business selling mystery boxes of STUFF. This is the closest I have come to date to fulfilling that dream.

If you buy one I promise it will be AMAZING

That is all.

Monday, August 1, 2011

some long overdue pictures and stories from the Paint it Make it event for Illustration Rally, and poster for The One Hour Plays

me and Junesees collaborated on this live portrait

This was the recent London event raising money for Japanese earthquake related aid that has come out of the site - organised by super amazing people like Natzuki Otani and Erica Sharp (fellow ACOFI artists as well as June) there was giant origami, loads of crafts, tea ceremonies, cake etc. see a proper write up here. We did live portraits - fast becoming a speciality of mine - and it was an acecakes super fun day.

satisfied customers

live portrait of Rob. Yes, he does look that grumpy in real life.

poster I made for the One Hour Plays stint at Edinburgh Festival. Graphics is not my favourite thing to do, but I enjoyed this because there is bunting on it. And you can never have too much bunting.

Also in other news, I am going to be getting married to my Alex some time in the next few years. I may or may not blog about the planning process. I don't think I can be the kind of blogger that goes on about cupcakes and roses all the time. I mean I like cupcakes. I Love roses. But meh, you know, I prefer kittens and pretty dresses. we'll see.
guess what - I finally finished the Ds

(in my project where I am drawing all of my friends in alphabetical order)



I made this hilariously basic infographic about the project so far. I will not explain it. Deduce what you will.

in case you didn't see it, this is my picture from the Creaturemag endangered creature alphabet
which also features such illustrationfriends as Martyn Warren, Gareth Barnes and Paul Shinn

it is of the biggest and most endangeredest butterfly in the world. They are actually massive. Imagine them really massive.