Sunday, January 20, 2013

So I have spent quite a lot of my time recently running and promoting the New Year's Eve postcard set we did at StoryHands for the start of 2013. 

We each did a postcard design on the new year's theme. this was mine.

Although saying YES more is a valid and appropriate new year's resolution, I'm not really sure it's mine. Sometimes I feel like it should be to say YES less. Blah blah how do you balance workload, should you work for free, do you believe in life after love etc. Saying yes does tend to lead to more interesting things than saying no tho, obviously. see my feeling blessed post

We did a big Epic Giveaway competition for people to win some, as well as some other awesome stuff 

If you missed it i apologise, but i was going on about it A LOT. Although not, i realise, here, sorry. 

People posted some really good new year's resolutions which are more valid and awesome than say yes more. My faves were:

stop secretly believing that texts from unknown numbers are actually from ghosts (from Becky), visit Seattle (from Fran), hold a barn owl (from Ali - she won!), get more tattoos (from Clare). 

lots were on the theme of have more adventures and do more illustration (it's like our friends have stuff in common with us or something), i also particularly liked that Hazel's was to become domestically competent, but Angela's was to hire a cleaner. Maybe she could hire Hazel, after the competence materialises. 

I done drew the winners out of a metaphorical internet hat and wrote about it here.

Also it's kind of cool that Ali won, (i genuinly did do the random number thing) as the first ever postcard set i did was for her exhibition

I made a snow bear. Without ever leaving my flat.