Saturday, August 23, 2008

hey hey hey, so i know i've been a naughty puppy and not updated in a while (please don't kick me). I've been spending way too much time at my day job, making hot beverages (i put the tea in team) and doing other fun stuff like making things to sell at my friend Carly's stall in Camden, and networking and learnding at the AOI's Business startup for illustrators course, getting into the london spirit, meeting famous illumastrators, forgetting the value of money that sort of thing.

in relevant news i was commisioned for some t-shirt designs to be sold in Topman, that looked a bit like this

but didn't really go anywhere. its awesome tho eh? and i got paid. so win. in exciting and also relevant news my webcomic featuring the adventures of one of my favourite toys is forthcoming and soon to be available internetwize.

also immminently available are my christmas cards, there are 4 like this:

and one like this

They can be sold at a discount rate to people who email me of, ooh, say, i havn't decided yet, but do drop me an email or give me a ring if your interested. soon i will post some images of stuff thats available on the stall and maybe some likely times if you want to come say hi.