Thursday, April 29, 2010

last night i went to the solipsistic pop 2 launch. it was a pretty fun night, it wasn't super dull at all. i kept my adrenaline levels high by repeatedly talking to strangers and aquaintances, and tenuously connected people. It was nice to see Cliodhna and Jimi there, the zinecore. zinescenecore. yeah. possibly.

anyway. It was awesome and stuff, the book is a thing of beauty, i like the weird comics best, there are a few themes like childhood memories and serendipity snapshot, defining moment type stories. my faves in the comic are Sweet Mystery by Jack Noel, Mud by Matilda Tristram and the back page of the funnies by Joe Decie, who i love anyway. postives positives. it's all good. go comics. I talked to a tall boy called Tom, and he said maybe i can be in Solipsistic Pop 4. so that would be uber cool.

Also at the event was the famous comedien Robin Ince, he talked about comics and philosophy. and mooning. I enjoyed it, especially the bit about the stranger. I failed to draw him and missed his second bit because i was talking to Barny's brother.

This is the story of how i met Barny's Brother: he had only just walked in to the pub but i saw his face as i was coming back from making a phonecall to my friend clare. I asked him if he was Barny's brother, he said he was. we had not met previously. Later i talked to him again and recomended that he read Love and Rockets. sometimes i can be a bit agressively friendly when talking to strangers. I get this from my dad.

Also some musiciens played. this is dogtanioni met them after by mistake, although it didn't look like a mistake, tho it was. they were very nice. i have mentioned before that i am not a music journalist even a little bit, so i will say that i enjoyed their tunes and lyrics. At the bottom in a different blue you can see my aborted drawing of Robin Ince. It was aborted (at 20 weeks) because he stopped talking and left. i should have started earlier, but you know, what's life without regrets?
this is
or one of him, them, it. whatever. as you can see. he is pretty. his music was too.

don't forget to watch the election debate tonight kids.

political themed illustrations (i don't like to call my work cartoons, because people ask me if i do cartoons. and i allways say no.)
as initiated and featured (along with a lot of other amazing illos by other fabulous twitterites)
Amelia's Magazine

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hi! here is a painting i did of a wood duck as part of a current bird-off i am having with awesomely talented nature illustrator Jamie Milk, i think it is my favourite thing i have done in ages, i should use more acrylic. or maybe just draw more ducks:
he is french.
I've been doing plenty much of the drawing in recent times, more Amelia's Magazine fashion loveliness like these amazing Lu Flux Lion Shoes (i mean the shoes are amazing, altho my drawing is not so few great shakes itself, wink wink.)
The facebook project, where i am drawing all of my friends in alphabetical order, currently at 14 down, 310 to go, i am trying not to accept or add too many new friends, but it goes against my basic friendly person (read attention whore) instincts.
this is alys, who i have known since i was a wee nipper. when i was doing my Art GCSE practical in the heady early summer of 2001, she told me i smelt crafty.

I've also done some simple line drawingy pictures for a prayer diary my mum wrote,

which was challenging and lovely, trying to produce something which translates well to a small black and white photocopy, i should keep the experience in mind for when i finally get round to a proper zine project.

thats how for now, exciting t-shirt based blog post coming soon.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

in which i talk about THE PROJECT

go go gadget illustrator.

so i could probably come up with dozens of reasons why i decided to start a project where i draw every single one of my facebook friends in alphabetical order, pretentious, profesional and personal. i'm only 7 down, 113 to go, and i'm already talking to old friends and new proffesional contact/friends to be. it's all very exciting.

In a way it follows on from the project i did with creaturemag, dealing with issues of, er, friendship, and i guess how we define ourselves by the people we know/love. I'm always talking about facebook being our generations this or that; christmas card, extended family, soap box, whatever, and there's endless mileage in the ins and outs of social networking etiquette.


A big part of the project as well is that i have to draw every single one of my facebook friends, inclluding people i really don't know, literaly added on their phone in a club and never saw again, people i would definitely hide from if i saw them first while waiting for a lift from Haywards Heath Station, and also will include 2 people who have died in the last few years but whose facebook pages remain as a sort digital of monument to their lives. Thats something else important that facebook does and that's going to be hard.

I guess what i mean to say is, Horay For Friends! and. i am a social media whore.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

stuff and things.

I finally got round to making one of those facebook fan pages that all the kids are talking about. I'm going to do a silly project based there soon i think, you know like one of those, 365 drawings of my cat, or illustrating every single beatles song using only moulding icing projects. not actually one of those two. a different one.
my Cabal design is being made into one of 8 postcards of the super dog, which should be available in May. woo.

I went to see Chilly Gonzales on thursday and did some drawing. he is a great entertainer and awesome musician, but very tricky to draw as his head is allways moving, hair greasin' and flinging about, fingers flying across the keyboard, that sort of thing. here are the 2 i was happy with.

yeah, he was wearing a dressing gown and slippers, the girl is the one he molested as a finale. guess he wanted to make his audience feel violated. the hipsters were loving it.

I also found one of my favourite band drawings i ever did which i am scanning in for your pleasure here:
it's of a band called Skitanja who i saw in 2007, obviously, they seem to like dressing up.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

i forgot! i was also featured in super awesome online zine (soon to be come real life printed zine)
Cut-Click - go have a goosey gander.

honestly. me. head. if wasn't sewn on. etc.

Friday, April 2, 2010

I suppose i should write a new blog entry sometime yes? like now? ok. anyway, it's a lovely spring day.

I'm a big geek and I drew a picture of Neil Gaiman's dog for the Kitty's Neverwear competitiony thing, go vote for me k? i'm not sure if the votes mean much, but it can't hurt. like in the general election. every time the doorbell rings it is more Conservative propoganda.

Also and anyway in other news January's Mailmeart2 gallery is up featuring my contribution at 42 and loads of other awesome stuff, seriously, check it out, i love the variety of stuff that gets sent to this thing, loads of inspirational stylings.

I drew this picture of my mother looking like a cute mole for mothers day. and sent it to her a week late. because i am a bad person.
I think it is quite Shirley Hughesesque, ne'st pas?

I had a birthday. which was nice. I also did a design pitch for a project which was fun, and i will tell you what it is if i get it.

some awesome stuff you might want to check out:
if you ever wondered who did that awesome Ladyhawke cover art, it was Sarah Larnach
I'm a big fan of Anna Botezatu's collages
and Jo Cheung bird pictures (me? likeng birds?) which you can get on cushion covers here. super nice.
Yulia Brodskaya takes quilling to a whole new level.

I'll stop that now or we'll be here all year. sometime I must make a big 'ol links page. altho i did join tumblr the other day, so maybe thats what i should do there.

see you kids on the flip side. blue skies.