Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Morning comes whether you set the alarm or not, and is a PRECIOUS privilege.

Hello friends,

there are a few things I want to blog. Being busy in the manner of bee this blogging episode of mine should be brief. But also given my propensity to a longer length of wind, no promises. 

Firstly, while it is still running (until the 30th of April) I wanted to share the drawings I did of the play Radioman at the Old Red Lion Theatre and a recommendation to catch the show while you can because I enjoyed it a lot. It's a marvel of sonic storytelling and magical realism, written and performed by Felix Trench with live soundscaping. In my drawing the man with the beard is doing the soundscaping. It's really very good. Go see it. 

I've been doing a multitude of fun things in recent months, including some NHS academic cartoons

Some wedding invites and romantic comic commissions.
I've also been having some collage fun, which I wanted to share with you.

A while ago I was sitting on the sofa assembling love zines, as is my wont. I was talking to my hugsband Alex, about how much I love collage and putting together the colours and patterns to make yummy compositions. He challenged me to do more collages that focused on this, WITHOUT WORDS. Which is a big deal because words are kind of my thing, collage wise. I have envelopes and folders and a big puzzle mat full of nice words and phrases I have collected and putting together sentences from found text is the foundation of a lot of my work. 
But I am up for a challenge so I gave it a go. I made some small collage compositions. I was not forbidden from using any of my other go to collage elements such as roses, googly eyes, or things cut out of old field guides. Oh god I love cutting things out of old field guides. Is there a name for that? Eiji Watanabe syndrome perhaps? Anyway here are some.

I managed to make 5 without words, one of which doesn't scan well because it has reflecty bits (technical term). The other 3 I had made just didn't seem to come together until I had added words. I TRIED. FOR AGES. Well, for a bit. They needed words. 

The second two quotes are both from the packaging that came with our Eve mattress. They have good branding. And good memory foam. This is not sponsored. And yes Mother one of the quotes is from Ursula LeGuin and that one has already sold but I'm happy to send you a print if you want one (she's my mum's favourite). 

I spent most of the Easter holidays doing some sloooow interior decoration and writing two big scary pitches, one of which I already know I didn't get. Fingers crossed for the other one. If not, it's all still good. It's a PRECIOUS privilege to be alive as Marcus Aurelius reminds us, To me he will always be the mouse daddy in Magnus Powermouse, but apparently he was also an Emperor. 

Quotes are good. I enjoy how much the internet is full of them. Although I think a lot of the graphical presentations of quotes are ugly. So we must all practice responsible typography. I'm working on a new typographical piece right now, see my instagram for sneaky work in progress. 

I have done a few more Real TV Wisdom pics since the new year too, quotationally. 

That's all the things I have to say for now. 

Except I might be getting a cat.

If I do. Expect a LOT of pictures.