Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Remember Remember the Gallery of Movember

You (may, probably, or you know, not) know how much I love doing live portraits. As much as I love being paid for it, I'm also very happy it's come round to the 'Mo season again and I'm doing it at Movember parties for Gallery of Mo

I was at the London Launch Party at Koko this week and showing off my party trick of starting with the background, then adding the shading then the details last. The funny thing is people think this is impressive, but I find it way much easier as it gives me more time to absorb the important parts of their face before nailing them down (as it were), and more time for them to relax and stop pulling a bad photo face. Here are some pics.

Movember have gone all rocky this year. I love how as a charity they are so tongue in cheek and fun, yet still openly militant about making money. They told us among other things that one condition they lay out with the research they fund (and this is serious money we're talking about, Movember is a massive successful money raiser now) is that the scientists work together and share ideas, rather than have small groups in different parts of the world covering the same ground needlessly. Which I think is awesome. And the people involved are genuinely fun, even if the image is a liiiitle bit overwrought. 

NO MO, NO MERCY, isn't it? 

I hope to attend a few more parties with Gallery of Mo this year and to do some charity portraits online too - you can see my profile on the website here. (I done it last year at a pound a minute, but I found that a bit stressful, so have given myself more scope with a fixed price)