Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Inspiration - with bonus diversity of lightbulb metaphors

I'm going to post a few more editorial illustrations plus spiel for your pleasure. First, here's a thing about inspiration, and how it's different for everyone. 

I'm not sure about the lens flair. I may have gone too far. 

What is it to be creative? Well it's different for everyone isn't it? A slow, glowing realisation like an eco-bulb, a strong obsessive spotlight beam. Sometimes it begins with little noticings, things that scratch at the corners of your brain and make you focus on things you didn't look so closely at before, although you see the echoes of that noticing, when you look back. Right now I'm obsessed with branches against sky, I keep looking up and seeing the buds growing and the so many different ways of dividing and sub dividing. I know it's going somewhere this new obsession, but I haven't had the lightbulb moment yet. I've had little ones. Actually I think my inspiration lightbulb metaphor would be maybe a string of fairy lights. I wish I'd drawn that now. Too late. It's ok though - because the point is it's different for everybody.

And yeah I really am obsessed with taking photos of trees. Mostly branches against sky.
Do you want to see some? Of course you do. 


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