Saturday, December 26, 2009


so i went to the Xmas market a bit, it went variously. met lots of lovely people and saw some awesome stuff like cards by Jamie Littler, and other talented people from soupa and some Brighton people from the Permanent Bookshop - zines woo, and lots of other people who i will maybe talk about here when i get around to going through my little pile of business cards.

I also sent some what birds are really thinking and love books to Southampton zine and craft fair at the art house gallery, which apparently went down well.

things coming in the new year:

-fun times.

-me featuring on the brand spanking new multimedia-ey uber cool website the Sound of the Walls

-Driver Dan's Story Train first airing on CBBC in january - my episode will come in a few months and then i can post the artwork! - be excited and make it your child's - or your new favourite programme!

not quite in the new year but also to be featured on Tigerprint's awesome typepad blog on sunday, hi hi, blue skies if your visiting from the link! - have a look around i especially recomend the love and birds sections.

hope your christmas was merry, or your non-denominational bank holiday was fruitfull and nice.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

it's the most wonderful time of the year. Oh Yes.

i wish i could have a cat.

I did this nice festive christmas card design for the West Sussex Crossroads charity, who do good things for carers and their care-ees, horay!

I've also been making some exciting extra stock for the All I want for Xmas market, including some very nice mirrors and notebooks, still at least 2 more dates left this thursday and saturday so don't hesitate to visit the christmas cards have been doing well but there are still plenty left so don't hesistate to pick some up form the shop or let me know via communication of email or phone or pigeon etc. if you want some. The last postal date for Japan is tomorrow, so hurry!

In real life news, i put up my christmas tree and it is very sparkly, i have a cold, and an unhealthy interest in strawberry balsamic salad dressing.

stay classy.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


mostly this week i have been failing to stretch paper, dressing up as a zombie sort of thing, meeting people and assembling flatpack furniture.

here are my new christmas card designs for this year, as soon as i get them printed I will put something up in the shop or drop me an email if you would like some earmarked.

here are some photos of my work at Webbs fine art, some paintings are still on display at the common ground cafe on wandsworth common

if all goes to plan i will be at spitalfields backyard market on sunday 15.11.09 selling christmas cards and the usual stuff and exciting things in frames like this

Monday, September 28, 2009

Hi! so this weekend and next weekend (or to put it another way, next weekend and the weekend after next) which is to say the weekend coming, and the weekend following. what was i saying? oh yes it will be the Wandsworth arts festival!

i live in Wandsworth.

I will be exhibiting with some other exciting artists at Webbs Road Fine Art gallery. There will be 3 large bird paintings and also the original work from What Birds are Really Thinking will be displayed. Tonight I met some other artists who will be opening their houses nearby and here is a map of the Battersea Arts Trail, if you are likely to come see me you might as well check them out too, altho, this map makes it look less far than it actually is. We are number 6

since the planned private view was never actually planned, that is to say organised, to make it up to you I encourage everyone to come by towards the end of saturday 3rd and we can all go for a drink and maybe some food in Northcote road, to celebrate.

I am also currently working on some roughs for a tele-book (thats not a word, i made that up) of a childrens story to be featured on the children's show Driver Dan's Story Train. Its not on TV yet, so you don't have to feel like an out of the loop loser for not having heard of it. I drew these kids:

and they decided i should do a story with people in, although I think I am allowed to reveal there are not any cats in very small hats in the story, so it will probably look a bit like this, only with more juicy colours and exciting vegetables. Once the show has aired I'll be able to post the pictures up here.

The move went pretty well and we are now in our lovely new flat, it is at the top of all of the stairs. And has nice sofas. Recently I have become a bit obsessed with cookery programs.

Monday, August 3, 2009

can you believe we're all getting 2 summers this year in Brittania? we had that unseasonal one, and now it is actually summer. horay!anyway, news news news flashes. In October I'll be taking part in the Wandsworth Arts Festival exhibiting at Webbs Road Fine Art gallery.There'll hopefully be a private view and stuff London types can come to so I'll keep you posted on that. I'm going to mostly be doing big ink paintings of birds.

a bit like this chap, who is an asian magpie robin

also, I joined Twitter this week so its now officially cool. you cans add me if your into that sort of sick mojo, at @jennyrobins

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

we all had a lovely time back in hobbiton, i mean Henfield. This is most of my work all in the shed and looking lovely:

this is me and ellie and shoes and box frames and fox gloves.

we sold some things and saw some old friends and ate vegan quiche. Well I did, Ellie and Fran had the stilton option.I'm working on some card and print commisions and working on my portfolio (ad infinitum) so watch the space that is here. There will be excitement like fireworks when it is dark, not in the day time like someone living near us did the other day, they were invisible and it was wastefull and noisy and sad. So not like that.

also, there are now more shoes available for buying in my etsy shop, so click on that yo.

blue skies

Friday, June 5, 2009

i drew some birds today

they will be available to buy at Henfield Gardens and arts next week, alng with a load of other stuff and some nice pointy boots with humming birds on.

also some nice things made by ellie (and ellie herself) will be there at the same time, I would imagine they'd look a bit like this

of course yes the friendship chain is now live and clickable go see it! and be in touch if you would like to be part of wave 2

Thursday, May 14, 2009

hi kids, i just made the website all a bit more sexy and stuff. make sure you check out the new birds and valentines sections. Recently I've moved house, started some new day jobs and grown my hair a bit. so its all change.

Soon I'm going to have a project i'm masterminding featured in creaturemag which i think i'll be pimping all over the place (facebook) so look out for that. It'll look a little something like this:

I'm also putting together some stuff for an exhibition (in a shed apparently) with Ellie Cryer at Henfield Gardens and Arts festival. Thats in the village what I'm from. I'll be selling paintings, cards and probably some other stuff like shoes and purses. The valentines cards were especially successful in Camden, but i havn't been back since then, depending on whats left after G&A i'll be there in a month or so.

Here's some special new art to make you feel nice.

blue skies