Wednesday, July 13, 2011

as yet unused t-shirt design - hooray for summer!

Heylo, i've been meaning to do some blogging all week, about stuff like Paint it Make it, the Illustration Rally event where I drew people for Japan, and posters I've been making for The One Hour Plays, and my new job that I will be starting in September as an Art and English Teacher (strangely - I'm more scared about the art half atm), and other stuff, but I have been too busy being hungover or lazy or busy, or all of the above. So I will just have to do it all when I get back from my lovely holiday I am going on tomorrow.

I am SO ready for this holiday.

So I Shall be radio quiet/of very limited internet access for next week. please direct all enquiries to
Nicholas Bear, who will be minding my bed for me while I am gone. Or, you know, send me an email of something and I'll get back to you when I can.