Tuesday, October 30, 2012

vintage teatime

I did the above logo design for the wonderful Teatime Vintage last week, if you are in the Sheffield area and fancy an amazing vintage style tea party (not the American kind with the politics, more the scone kind) you should definitely look them up

Monday, October 29, 2012

So, I was going to write a blog post all about the Ohh Deer cushion competition shop, show you a few of my favourites, and talk about how confusing a world we live in, where the job of helping the consumer find the talent is so varied and shot in the darkish. And how very much amazing arty talent there is out there, but that that shouldn't put you off, because you have to remember that there are still billions of people in the world, you just have to somehow find the ones that like your work and happen to have a disposable income, and about how it's still a cop out when web based competitions turn into popularity contests, and if no-one loses no-one really wins. And trying to work out whether I think that matters. 

But I've been ill, and busy, at least a little lazy, and the shop closes at the end of today.

So just in case you like my work and have disposable income, and aren't turned off by the above arts graduate angst, you still have today to buy my cushion, which looks like this

and also to look at all the other awesome designs that people submitted that then all got put up for sale. There are some really really cool ones, so try and think of who might want a cushion for Christmas k?

Monday, October 1, 2012

so it's looking like summer is pretty much over right? Although that didn't stop me from drinking Pimm's in the Southwark Cathedral courtyard on Saturday, all be it in tights and jacket. (not just tights and jacket)

My first few weeks as part time teacher, part time all the other stuff have been hectic busy land, but today I have a little breathing space. 

Me and June were up all hours writing a proposal for the StoryHands Collective, (you know, I blogged about it here) which may have caused me to be a slightly less than awesome teacher after 4 hours sleep, and is not something I want to do every week. But you know, it felt really good to be exhausted from doing work on something that I really care about. Not that I don't care about the kids. *backpeddles*

But you know what I mean. busy = good. And June is very good at the graphic design stuff.

In facebook project news I have completed the Gs. Gee, what a G-Star I am. 



I also got all up in the London Fashion Week that is S/S 2013, well, in that I did some writing and drawing.

The writing you can read here if you feel so inclined, it is mostly me being intoxicated by colour and amused by pretentious fashion silliness. 

like these comedy fashionistas I sketched in the Somerset House Courtyard

here are some S/S 13 actual fashion illos I did for Amelia's Magazine (who else?) 
Holly Fulton (what's better than blue roses?)

And finally for your viewing pleasure, here are some huskies in party hats I drew. I entered them in the
 Ohh Deer cushion competition, but I'm pretty sure I did not win.