Tuesday, December 10, 2013

See, I told you I'd make cards out of them. And from found (read, cut out of last year's Christmas cards and this year's Tesco magazine) text. Of course. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Stars

Hey look I've been making these collage stars for Christmas crafting purposes.

I will not insult your intelligence by doing a how to. You cut diamonds out of magazines/pretty papers and stick them in star shapes. 

I like them. 

They have many uses. I will put them on cards, on trees, on jewelry, i will photoshop them on to random pictures. Yes.  

You can make them from many things. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

holidays are coming, holidays are coming, holidays are coming TIS THE SEASON etc.

You can see all 4 of my Real TV Wisdom Christmas card designs here now.

I also wanted to share with you some pictures from the Gallery of Mo portrait events I've been doing. Still my absolute favourite way to spend an evening. Photos courtesy of Gallery of Mo on Facebook.

The Movember Gala party has the added bonus that people are in fancy dress. I get to draw people in fancy dress? Best thing ever. You could totally pay me to do that at your office Christmas party you know, just saying. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

holidays are coming

It's coming up to that time of year again kids, I've cried my face off at the John Lewis Ad a few times already and made cryptic notes to myself about Christmas shopping which I've already forgotten what they mean. I made the mistake of cycling through Covent Garden a few weeks ago where to all intents and purposes the pedestrians seemed to think it was already Christmas Eve. 

Also I've started working on some Christmas card ideas. The plan is to make a single addition illustrated card, and a 4 strong series of Real TV Wisdom celebrity chef cards. 

I'm not sure about this one, it's a contender, although the colours may need some tweaking. Bit of a departure from my usual text based cards (which will also be available as I have most designs left to some extent). Feedback would be appreciated ladies and gentleman. I could mash it up with some text. In a more pleasant way than that sounds. 

I also feel compelled to point out that although this is clearly a Robin's Christmas, any similarity to a Robins' Christmas is purely coincidental. Winky Face. 

Here exclusively I can also show you a sneaky preview design for my Real TV Wisdom cards;

I have been spending a lot of time watching youtubes of past christmas specials to research this and couldn't resist this tragicomic contradiction. Oh Heston, you marvelous sell out. Nigella in progress. If you know of any marvelous seasonal cheflebrity soundbites please do alert me. I'm not sure how many more mince pie recipes I can stomach. (I know how many actual mince pies I can stomach: a lot.)

Watch the space of hereness childerwinks.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wedding Blog

So, I got MARRIED isn't it?

This is a very good thing, which makes me very happy. Woo and also Horay!

'aisle' shot, by Svadbas Photography

This thing of wedding though, somewhat ate my life, and has put other things into the shade a bit, and I wanted to write about it, how we went about our wedding, and which parts of it I would recommend, but was ages ago now, and I still haven't done so to my satisfaction. 

I have tried to write about it with a touch of myth busting (tradition shmadition and bridezilla moodkilla) and navel gazing (why was I so adamant that all of the butterflies used in the decoration be hand cut from field guides not printed, so no two were the same, it's a wedding, not a conceptual installation), budget analysis (just always comes down to priorities doesn't it? We spent big bucks on flights and fireworks and booze, birds of prey, a mariachi band and some very nice portaloos, but not on flowers, dresses, cake etc.), what it's all about (well duh, it is about LOVE). 

Me and my now Mr Alex, with Robert Indiana's LOVE sculpture in New York, 2007

I feel so blessed to have been able to celebrate with my favourite person and commit to him, and to have such amazing family and friends to share it with, so many of whom helped it all come together. There is so much to be said there. 

And I have spluttered and stalled and failed to write what I really want to say. So you can have the above, and here are lots of pictures (yay!). I may just share with you some of my favourite wedding wisdom soundbites that I may have said a lot during the process and deliriously on the days themselves. But I'll leave them to the end. 

If you are friends with me on facebook, apologies, I know you have already seen roughly one billion photos of my wedding. 

SO. First we went to Dubrovnik, Croatia for 4 days with 10 of our nearest and dearest. 
A small wedding abroad had been our plan from the day that Alex first suggested marriage, and there was no particular reason for Croatia being the place we settled upon, except that it is pretty. And relatively affordable. 

 Dubrovnik is nice
This is the island of Lokrum, where we marriaged.
We did some sea kayaking the night before the wedding. With a sunset.

 It was well glamorous. Photgraph by Frances Bonnington

Photograph by Ellie Cryer 

all following by  Svadbas Photography

we had a boat. it was beauuutiful
Nick and Ned

my bridal party, attempting to deformalise the 'aisle' moment. 

 The actual wedding. Oh my days. Everything drops away and it's perfect you know? This was the best bit.

My mother reading

Cheesy group shots avec palm trees

 Dubrovnik is a Game Of Thrones Location, but these ladies were not playing the Rains of Castamere, thankfully
 Hugs are very important. This photo makes me tear up every time. totes emosh.

 You've got to mix it up a bit isn't it? Our photographer was totally amenable to our less usual requests.

A week later we had a big party in my new parents in law's garden. We wore the same outfits but there was a lot more people. And birds.

wedding collage by me

Photographs below by Recollection Photography unless otherwise stated. 
We done that thing with the flowers in the jam jars. 
I cut up lots of maps into circles and sewed the together. because I am too cool for bunting.
already mentioned the butterflies. 
Vintage teacups tho, you can't go wrong can you? 

Oh there were some people there too. 

Hugs are very important at wedding parties too.

 Barn Owl!

Photo by Paul Lismer

 Photo by Paul Lismer
Fancy dress was also very important.

and music! 

Croquembouche! Thank you to my amazing sister in law Rebecca 
not to mention my amazing actual sister Hazel, who was in charge of running the party (she did a brilliant job)

As well as Croquembouche we had a multitude of colourful jellies made by friends and family. Jelly = win.

 Photo by Hannah Robins (my mum!)

 A well stocked bar was also a big priority for us. And jaunty bar staff. 

 stationary and quiz
 Love Poem
 good times. I love this photo by Paul with all the red. 

It's all a bit of a blur now, but looking at these photos make me feel pretty good about it. We went through a lot of stress and angst trying to make good choices, and I think we did a pretty good job. 

What I learned about weddings, nominally advice for goingtobeweds:

1. A wedding is the day you learn the most about how you would do it better next time, and then stand up and say you will never do it again. 

2. Most other people have not spent anywhere near as long as you looking at wedding blogs and magazines. They don't know that vintage teacups and flowers in jam jars were not my idea. I might as well have had bunting and cupcakes.

3. For everything that might seem like accepted wisdom about how to plan a wedding, there will be someone who disagrees (quite often you), so don't worry about it too much, sort out your own priorities. 

4. Your priorities are allowed to include pleasing people other than the bride. Of course.

5. A wedding is the day all about you, that makes you realise how much your family and friends mean to you.

6. A wedding is the day all about your family and friends, that make you realise how much your partner means to you. 

awwwwwww, shmalzzy walzzzy lovey love.

did I mention?