Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pintar Rapido

So this last weekend I spent a lot of time in Chelsea. I was not looking for cast members of Made in Chelsea tho obviously, or a sneaky reduced designer dress in the sales (hello, have a wedding to pay for thank you). I was doing a location painting of the King's Road as part of the Pintar Rapido event.

As you may have guessed from the name if you're of the latinatelinguity persuasion, it was all about painting fast. Although I am not usually one to spend LONGER than a day on a painting, this is not the norm for fine arty painty types, and the challenge of doing a painting in one day en plein air is I think a fun thing whichever direction you're coming at it. 

As it was one of the hottest days of ever ever, I found myself a decidedly shady spot at the end of Waterloo Square with a cross view of the King's Road. And from 11.30 till around 7pm, with a short break for an egg sandwich and an iced latte, I painted what I saw, with certain allowances for change of light. 

here are some in progress pics, I started with the trees and the bollards, then added light and detail, but it dodn't really come to life till I started to add the greenery. 
I love how much green there is in London right now. 

This is the finished painting, also pictured my banana case. Yeah I like to keep my banana hard in my handbag ok?

The close on 400 paintings created that day in Kensington and Chelsea were all exhibited together on the Sunday, there was a big mix of styles and sizes. The awkwardness of having close on 400 artists angsting over their work and whether it would sell was quite funny tho. I met some interesting people including the very cool Edward Ofosu whose digital paintings are as exciting as his physical ones, and it's not always easy to see which is which. 

My favourite was this piece by J Roh, which my phone photo has not done justice to at all. I like how it is so difinitive in the division of the abstract and the realistic. If that makes sense. And the colours. And that it is the Royal Opera House.

Also, J Roh, is PRACTICALLY my name, 
I mean, I am Jenny from the block. I know where I came from (Henfield)