Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Okay, more blogging.

So last week, in a joyfully busy evening the kind of which I could never get away with if I had to teach in the near to middling future (this may be the rest of my life. don't laugh. till you see me at a mid week gallery opening drinking water - then congratulate me) I spent a joyful hour drawing and (not as begrudgingly as I'd have you believe) participating in an instance of the One Hour Plays as presented by the amoresome Matey Institute.

that was a very long sentence sorry. I have a job interview on friday to be an english teacher. Yeah that's right laugh.

Anyway. The show is basically sort of reduced shakespeare crossed with who's line is it anyway. There's lots of speedy improv which obviously is a bit risky if there isn't a lot of good quick witted and talented heads on hand - which there pretty much was. So I really enjoyed it.

The fantabulous Lorna Watts hanging bunting pre-show

The idea of the show is that starting from nothing the director Brendan Murphy and writer Bec Boey take a selection of actors and audience suggestions and create a ten minute play in an hour and perform it at the end. Costumes are made by Lorna Watts during the hour on stage using a singer sewing machine in an antique pram, and props are made by the audience using a limited selection of crafty bits and pieces. I can tell you a little what happened that night - but not what will happen if you get to see them do it again - the show is at the Edinburgh fringe for a week at Underbelly and at a variety of festivals over the summer - check out the listings here

putting together audience suggestions into 'The Balls in Your Court' a Greek Romantic Comedy set at a 1920s French Tennis club starring a wine seller, an alien and a 'naughty man'

character development
the great Bec Boey does a spot of performance poetry as an additional filler while the cast put on their new costumes. I'm sure there was a reason why I drew the cat in pyjamas. Pretty sure it wasn't actually there.

The final rendition of the play - an epic romance that will last forever in the hearts of those lucky enough to be there for its single rendition.

Monday, June 27, 2011

blogety blogety blog blog

I have too many things to write about. one big blog post or lots of little ones? I'm inclining towards the little ones. maybe because I am little myself. Also because I have to scan things and I can't be bothered to go in the other room and do that. So here is SOME news.

firstly did you see my featuredness on Ideal Bride Magazine?

you probably did, because I have been putting it about a lot. Its all about me drawing people at (or before, or after) their weddings. I'm thinking about posting a special discount code on here soon, so if you do know anyone who's getting hitched - def tell them all about it and say I said hi.


I'm still drawing Daves in the facebook project, just a few more to go then I get to draw girls again. Not that I've anything against drawing boys AT ALL - did I mention that I also offer a commissionable portrait service? you can probably have a discount on that too. if you tell me a good pun.


Also and as well. I am so close to completing my teaching qualification I can taste it. It does not taste of chalk dust.

In about 3 weeks at the end of the course we had a visual component thing, so I wrote and illustrated a 36 page book about the internet for art teachers and students that are not so hot on it.

I drew it with birds. Cos I like drawing birds.
I mean, for a complex and pretentious symbolic reason.

If you are inclined you can see it all here if you so desire, I'm happy with the pictures but the words were pretty rushed - so some are a bit mental.

My Summer of Love and Arctic Cod (see above - it's about overfishing - gettit?, makes me sad tho) illustrations were featured in a pop up exhibition in sunny Leigh on Sea by the lovely and talented Annabel Dee. - another serendipitous twitter connection. I was so busy with PGCE stuff that I sadly didn't make it down, but as her plans include many more exciting ventures in her new ceramics gallery on the same spot I'm sure I'll go take a look at some point.

In other news, look out for my contribution to the Creaturemag Endangered Creature Alphabet.
Also in the somewhat more distant future I will be contributing to Solipsistic Pop 4 (awesomeness maximus)