Saturday, October 8, 2011

HELLO, long time no blog. Sorry. Teaching is eating my life.

Anyway. There are some overdue reasons to be famous I need to tell you about. So there it is.

To whet your wimple, here are some recent(ish) portraits from the facebook project of friends beginning with the letter E.
Ellie (interactive!)

The memories project, an art book about the experiences of poetic cancer survivors to raise money for Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres, and including an illustration from yours truly and a number of tear jerking accounts, is now available for pre-order! good idea for christmas je ponse. Here is a snippet of my illustration, i cannot reveal the entirety obvs.

Read the sentence above, does it make sense? add the correct punctuation.

An even more exciting preview, here is a panel from my comic in the upcoming Solipsistic Pop, also available for pre-order and various other activities here,
as well as a talking cat, my contribution also includes zombies, dresses, butterflies, metaphors, water pistols, dance routines... basically I just frew what I fancied drawing and made it into a sort of story. The other comics in the anthology (and yes I have seen proofs) are the expected mix of extreme awesomosity, with spectaculazing artists such as Joe Decie, John Cei Douglas, Phillipa Rice (I've met her twice, i just put that in cos it rhymes), Lizz Lunney, Anna Saunders, besides many more acecakers.

There's also going to be a launch party, I went to the launch party of a previous issue, and failed to draw Robin Ince, that was very good so I expect this will be too.
The They Draw and Cook Book is also now officially available another great christmas gift option for all of your friends and family who enjoy food and/or art. In this video you see my page twice, I am practically the star.

That's How for Now.