Friday, December 17, 2010

Hiya, I watched quite a lot of X-factor (for me) this year, it's a bit mental isn't it. The Sunday shows make me pretty angry so i try and just watch the Saturday ones, although sometimes it's easier to just watch it. Television is my friend.
Also, I actually voted for rebecca in the final because matt cardigan has a boring voice and didn't deserve to win. but tch Politics what can you do. First time i put money into reality TV since i voted for Jade Goody the first time round. And I love big brother. Anyway I'm only talking about it because I wanted to show you this drawing I did about how Louis is a loser, it is here with some other X-themed illos on Amelia's
School is nearly over for Christmas (joys) so I may have time to procrastinate some next week and bring you more art gifts. The exhaustion of confussion at being a student and a teacher at the same time has been keeping me busy in the manner of several bees, possibly a whole hive. As a generally softcore person it has mostly made me softer than softcore. je suis le pathetic. but is all good.
The facebook project has been progressing a little in betweentimes, I drew a picture of my friend Cleveland (that's him above) and he drew me back! (i was ver touched) here it is.

this is like a snapshot of my life 3 years ago when I worked with him in the cinema, and used to chill out and doodle on receipts a lot when it was quiet, and go dancing on weeknights like a student. *sigh* simpler times. It is super awesome tho and I defintely encourage other drawees to redraw.

Monday, December 6, 2010

competition winner and more gift ideas

To select the winner of the christmas card competition I used the entirely non-scientific method of alocating the enterers numbers and asking my boyfriend to pick one of them.

the winner is Abby Wright! she does drawings to, check them out.


I very enjoyed the answers everyone gave, mostly concerning lovingly handmade personalised gifts, and much big up of the hand-made in general. What this says about my er, online networking demographic, is that they are awesome obviously. but also arty. And there were some purchasing suggestions for the less endowed with craftiness or time.

this man shaped sleeping bag snug item is a joyfull pick, altho on the pricey lovers and very close relitives side of the spectrum.

Clare Bear cannily suggested her own handmade jewelery which is of course allways to be encouraged. The amount of awesome handmade accessories now available on the net ought to be able to fulfil any rellies tastes.
Illustrated calendars is another brilliant way to support your creatives in a christmas gift mode, this example is a delight suggested by it's maker Obara
I also wanted to post this although it is not for sale which Alice used as her example of personal handmade gift, it is a papercut based on a postcard i think, super beautiful. she should really be encouraged to make more things given how speedily her lovely fox purses sold.

Sunday, December 5, 2010