Tuesday, November 30, 2010

OK yes.
stuff and things.

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Once again you may purchase my beautific text based christmas cards from last year, i have plenty left, they are in packs of 8 on etsy but feel free to make a specific order of quantity and type and i will quote you happy.

I wanted to write a big ranty blog about how i hate christmas gift recommendation emails but i can't really be bothered. They annoy me in magazines and stuff too although they are usually a bit better. It's just ugh, you know, no, if i had someone in my life who wanted a digital camera or a newly released dvd, or an insulated jacket for christmas, i'm sure i would already be aware. Or for that matter a £500 teapot. no.

wait did i say i was not going to rant?

anyway my point was more that i am a big believer in supporting small businesses and charities and creatives with your christmas spends. (not just like me i mean). Rather than getting something mass produced that looks kind of unique and quirky but actually isn't.

So here are a few of my suggestions for christmas gifts that i think you should buy for other people.
for friend who enjoys hot drinks and is not a raging bull; fetching mug, helps MAG disarm unexploded ordinances. and is red.
for friend who is or is not able to speak, you can get a speach bubble felt broach by Ellie Cryer.

For any friends that like science, or have a sense of humour get Martyn Warren's new book about weird fish.
For friends who enjoy to have pretty things in front of their eyes. or who may have a passing interest in beautiful garments and where they come from, i recomend Amelia's compendium of fashion illustration. Because i am in it. obviously. but also. because you should get it. because horay for fashion illustration. And there is a pre-order offer.
for all of your friends and aquaintances you should also get a copy of Tokyo Godfathers, the greatest christmas movie ever made. It is cheap. I GUARANTEEEEEE it will give you oodles of christmas cheer.

other products are available.

actually, you know what? i'm going to have a little competition.

please post your alternative or just generally awesome christmas gift ideas bellow for a chance to win a pack of my 8 beautiful illustrated christmas cards.

you can also be entered by tweeting a link to this blog and making your gift suggestion,
use #robinsgiftcomp so i can find your entry

you have until the end of Sunday 5th December midnight GMT