Friday, April 5, 2013

unusually geeky, honest and titled blog post. With regency portrait.

I drew this yesterday, it's Jenna Gregg as the Lady Alicia, her character from the LARP system Masquerades & Massacres

I've previously done Role-play portraits I haven't shared, though I may in the future, but I wanted to share this one as I'm particularly fond of the drawing, and also as systems go, this one looks like THE MOST FUN EVER. 

What does it say about me that I have no interest in the idea of dressing up and pretending to hit people with swords in a field, until it at the same time involves pretending to be in a Jane Austen Novel! Or more accurately, a Susanna Clarke Novel, as the mythology of her books is specifically an influence on this system. Reading about it has prompted me to go ahead and download Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell to reread, even though I have the brick like tome already at my parents' house (where sadly due to limited London Shelf Space, most of my books and comics live) (not sure why I capitalised that, now it needs to be an acronym) (LSS) (I'm a bit delirious).

I may go the whole hog and re-read Folk of the Air as well. Or even do some Live Action Role Play. That's unlikely. I am afraid of doing it because of my complex issues with my own exhibitionism.

Which is also why I keep apologising to my friends who came to my Karaoke Birthday Party (KBP)

(Which was SO fun)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New typography, illustration, bookcovery sort of piece 
playing with all sorts of layers.

Because the World IS, you know, enough. 

Don't listen to Garbage.

Hello, Howdy, Heyguesswhat?

I have now drawn all my friends beginning with H in the facebook project.

all of the Hs

 Helen (not the same Helen) (this Helen)
 My actual Mum. (actually a drawing of my Mum, not my actual Mum, obviously, thanks Rene Magritte)
Another Hannah (this Hannah)

Having just looked back I realise I have been on the Hs since October, which is not very good and I should do more project portraits.

partly to blame for this was probably angst as some pretty important people were in this letter, like my Mum and my Sister, and one friend that has been telling me how excited she is about her portrait since the start of the project. 

It's always a bit harder to get round to drawing people when I'm desperate to do them justice. That's a bit of a rubbish excuse actually. Nevermind.

click on the links, I have talented friends.