Saturday, March 13, 2010

last night I went to the Little Philistines single launch party in exotic Kilburn. the last time i was out in North London in the evening it turned into a poetry reading. those kids are crazy.
me and fran got there just in time to catch the end of Thom Main's nice guitarry set, he is not, as i had assumed, actually married to David Cronenberg, but is the singer out of a band called David Cronenberg's wife.
the problem with seeing live music, especially in small attractive venues in North London, is that people don't dance till the headlining act comes on and even then they don't dance properly. this is an issue for me because when there is fun music happening, my hips and feet tend to go off of their own accord.
so to avoid embarrasing myself too much i decided to draw the bands instead. i love drawing live musicians, they make awesome shapes and faces. It's a bit attention whorish drawing in public, but what can you do? i networked with some of the nice hipsters.
this is the stars down to earth, the drawing is a bit budget because my fineliner was running out. their music was very fun and tuneful, probably my fave after LPs. there was a female drummer, like in FAME. no really, they were good, i'm not a music journalist. thats all i have to say. I was drawing from the balcony and couldn't see half the band, so this is only 3 of them.

next up was Dora Brilliant who were also awesome, great timing, i especially enjoyed the way the songs ended suddenly when you weren't expecting it.
i drew manormouse? in blue fineliner and red biro to mix it up a bit. i'm crazy like that. i remember that i liked them as well, but i didn't make any notes and by this point in the evening i had had quite a few red wine and cokes so i don't remember why.
a kind hipster at the bar impressed me with the ablo aspaniel knowledge by telling me the spanish name for red wine and coke. I have been told before but i can't make the word stick in my head. i forgot it again as soon as he told me.

it was then time for the main event and there was a very exciting video piece shown with paper fire and artistic cutting. disapointingly, the Little Philistines had not brought any of the paper fire with them to decorate their set, but they were very good anyway. got to do some dancing as well. The girl singer is prettier than in the drawing and she had a very exciting orange and black dress which is not featured.
In honour of because he is my friend and invited me i also did this quick drawing of John Riordan playing the trumpet with his head on fire. Horay!

after that some of us lived in south london so went to get the last tube.
when i got home i had a super sandwich with Homous, cream cheese, wafer thin smoked ham, some lamb stew and cucumber in.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

stuff and things.
did some more exciting fashion illustrations for Amelia's Magazine
and should be doing some more over the weekend.
as usual i'm trying to do a million things and mostly just want to watch TV.
although as will likely ring true to other artists, its achieveing things which brings true happiness, not Masterchef Australia, Caprica or Skins.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

i have converted my fake blog to a blogspot one. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.
through the magic of backdating, it looks like i've been doing this for ages. not so. this is my first real blog post.

My boyfriend is flirting with an automated phonecall from ebay. i think he's trying to make me jealous. but i know it means nothing.

I got a new laptop, with lots of money i don't really have but thats life hey? anyway, we are still getting to know one another but i'm sure it will be a mutualy beneficial relationship.
even without a laptop i managed to do lots of lovely pictures for Amelia's magazine's exciting London Fashion Week Project, which i am still all about. you should click through the whole thing here - lots of lovely work by super lovely people.