Monday, March 2, 2015

Winners, and celebrity dinners.

Winners of my website launch commission give-away are as follows:

Prize for most interesting sounding commission: 

Karen Kelleher requesting a Granny (who is an international spy) skateboarding with her pet Jack Russells,  Charlie and Benny down a London high street.

Randomly selected prize:

Andrew Smith

we will have to see what Andy comes up with for me to draw

watch the space of here

Bonus bumf and promo package winners:

Kirsty Usher
Meike B

I will be in touch with these lovely people individually for details.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the competition across all of the platforms of the media of social. It took a little detective work to get the list together but I am 99% sure I got you all on the list. 

A few people have asked me about the celebrity dinner party illustration I posted in the competition post, so I thought I'd expound on it here as a post-launch treat. 

I am actually really bad at those kinds of games with open ended questions, what films would you take to a dessert island? (to watch while you eat dessert) if you could use one pen for the rest of your life what would it be? (a clearly inhumane restriction) and the classic what people alive or dead would you have round for dinner? 

Give me a kiss, marry kill any day, something with some concrete options. 

But I decided to do this one anyway because I'd been looking for an excuse to add colour and a bit of collage to my Real TV Wisdom style of line drawing for a portfolio piece to show off that I can do celebrity likenesses actually. 

So this is who I thought I would like to have round for dinner (from left to right)

Lady Gaga

because I think she would get the party started, and wear something excellent.

Sir David Attenborough 

because his voice and demeanour would put everyone at ease and encourage them to relax and let out their animal natures. Or something.

because he would make really good jokes with people's names and raise the profile of my dinner party on social media.

Grayson Perry

because he could give Gaga a run for her money with his outfit, and wouldn't pull any punches with his philosophical banter.

Monica Galetti 

because I love her face. Although I am now thinking that this could be bad because she would be eating my food and I don't think it would be good enough. 

And Tina Fey

to make fun of everyone else. And because in my head she is basically Liz Lemon I think she would not judge my food so that might counteract Monica's high standards.

They are all basically just celebrities that I would like to hang out with in real life. Also that I wanted to draw. 

I'm not going to ask you to tell me who you would have round for dinner, because I think that is cruel. 
But out of these six people that I chose, who would you most like to...

a) share a two bed flat in Crouch End with?
b) have to plan and execute a small scale invasion with?
c) have a miniature version of as a pet that could live in your room?
d) kiss, marry and kill?
e) go to a theme park with?
f) sit in a waiting room with for half a hour, but not be entirely sure it was them or have the courage to speak to them?

answers on a postcard or in the comments please.