Tuesday, July 22, 2008

this is from some exciting lettering i have been doing to er, show i can do exciting lettering. niiiiiiice.

hey, so i've been doing a bit of illumustrating. about a month ago i had a portfolio pimpage with le famous fig taylor. she advised me to work on some more editorial stuff to prove i can be *waves hands in front of face* conceptual, and push the lettiringness, and the girlyness, and to spend some quality time with georgia nicholson. cos you know, i've never actually done a book cover (stupid 2 unit second year) and something about my work screams preteen girl (because i am a gay man). so i am looking to my J17 roots.

in non-illusstramation news, alex and i are moving a londrez, or more accurately a streatham to be near the happening and the buzyness. and cos thats where all the cool kids are. on thursday. so look out publishers and other employers of illustrationists, i will be that much nearer to your offices in order to send vibes of hire-meness. and maybe even, who knows, promotional material. i will also be getting a shite job to pay rent and stuff.

oh i forgot the bigger news, from a proffesional point of view, is that a week today my magpies picture will be appearing in the images show at the london college of communication, and later in the publication of the same name. we get to go to the awards night thingy, for networking i guess, and walking around with martyn and corinne saying spuh and feeling alternately inadequate and judgemental, and hopefully getting a chance to say something awkward to jonny in front of important people. if your in the area, after tuesday, resist the urge to pop in, you will only be distracted by the work of less talented but more famous illustrators. or alternatively, you could go in and request a peek at the copy of my magpies book which they will have available for you. oh yeah, also, on the less good news front, due to lameness and shittyness, the phone numbers featured in the images book will not actually be my phone numbers, although the terrestrial one will get you through to my mum. who will tell you my mobile number which is 07590653654 or maybe a house number in the new flat which i might have by then. email of jennyrobins@googlemail.com is still good.

this is a picture for article in marie claire wot is about face body holistic medicine stuff. but really it is for my portfolio, which is lacking in editorialness.