Thursday, February 13, 2014

And handle in handle away the lovers go, through the hearts and flowers, into the depths of space.

I managed to remember to take down most of my valentines stuff from the shop today, although I have left up a few cards and re-branded them as 'greetings', 
because you know, 

That's probably enough sticking silly love words together for another year. Time to get back to drawing and  illustration. Speaking of strating the illu (that's not a thing), I went to a talk by Quentin Blake hosted by the AOI last week and wrote about it for Amelia's Magazine. Which you can see here. 

 He was quite inspiring. He didn't actually give 5 tips for creating great illustrations tho. That was me extrapolating from his postulating. 

Here is my drawing of him (Quentin) 

In the big news this week as well (as well as well as the weather and the tube strike and the usual), is that I have got a new telephone. Although Alex is referring to it as a television. Because of it's prestigious size. It has a big screen. For the showing you my artworks. And a good camera. For the showing you my artworks again and again on many social platforms. 

Which is to say. I have got Instagram!!!

Look i already did lots of instagram!

If you are an instagrammer please come befriend me. i am obsessed. For the now. I even baked some dodgy looking valentines biscuits and posted them. (tragic).

I was a loyal Blackberry user for a long time but I've come to realise it has been holding me back. From posting so many pictures of random stuff.


If you are wondering about the title it is a quote from the clangers. 

This episode. 


Which is a very lovely love story you should watch for Valentines Day with your cat. Actually it is quite problematic. But still. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

It's the time of the season for loving

So yesterday I was at the Jumble and Pearls Valantines Fayre at the Book Club.

As well as selling cards and prints and bits and pieces I did some live portraits and I thought you might like to see them so here they are.

Every portrait event I do is different and like any fair or market there's always an element of unpredictability. Last time I did a vintage event almost everyone wanted watercolour, and this time everyone opted for a pen portrait - these are quicker and cheaper so it may tell you something about the denizens of Shoreditch over those of Islington. Live drawing is also always bringing me new surprises and experiences - at this fayre I drew 6 beautiful french girls at once - a record - and was also asked to do a portrait of a bicycle. 

Exciting times.

 This is the lovely and talented Q of Maiden Found - you should def. check out her hats. 

 A portrait of a bicycle - a BRAKE bicycle to be specific 

I didn't even notice the great expression Rachel of BRAKE bikes is pulling in the background here - makes the picture all kinds of awesome on top of les belle dames

 Also guys - do not be forgetting to order your Valentines cards and zines from the shop by the end of the day on Monday - the cutest cards you'll see anywhere with a sting in their tale. And the new zine compilation with the best of the last 2 years designs.