Friday, February 19, 2010

alright kids? some bad news recently, we got burgled and my laptop was stolen, luckily i had most stuff backed up like a good little girl, and since i re-invested most of my profits from the alternative press fair (it was super awesome) into lots of zines at least they didn't get their grubby mits on so much cash. But all the same need all the pennies for a new laptop so need to step up the attack. Still very much available for illustrating!

They didn't take any of the zines, don't know why.

here's me at APF, sporting the famous dissapointed sparrow t-shirt still available for one more week from tinyrun get them while they're hot.

(I also have a few left in the UK if your here and don't fancy the postage, especially if you are of the larger persuasion, as its mostly Ls and XLs, ifyou know what i mean as i'm sure you do)

the stuff on the right is Zarina's her stuff is crazy lovely!

other news on the horizon, not only did i do this fab illustration for Amelia (yes, that Amelia) of exciting band Man Like Me last week, but I also am lined up to do some fashion based illustrations this week as part of an awesome project she's doing as part of a blogy, illustrated, inovative coverage of London Fashion Week.

coming soon: curious owls.

Monday, February 1, 2010

i completed my tax return - go me!

in exciting news, Mr Michael Cianfrani aka @tinyrun is soon to produce an on demand t-shirt print run of my Sighing Sparrow image. Further details to follow.

in a few weeks also, i will be nipping along to the Alternative Press Fair 2010, with plentve Press Fair 2010, with plenty exciting valentines content, more of which will soon also be appearing in the shop. I also have plans for a new zine, but thats a secret for now.

here for your viewing pleasure, are some new collagey bird joy works, for Mail me Art 2 and Alturnative's 100 journals project respectively;