Friday, April 2, 2010

I suppose i should write a new blog entry sometime yes? like now? ok. anyway, it's a lovely spring day.

I'm a big geek and I drew a picture of Neil Gaiman's dog for the Kitty's Neverwear competitiony thing, go vote for me k? i'm not sure if the votes mean much, but it can't hurt. like in the general election. every time the doorbell rings it is more Conservative propoganda.

Also and anyway in other news January's Mailmeart2 gallery is up featuring my contribution at 42 and loads of other awesome stuff, seriously, check it out, i love the variety of stuff that gets sent to this thing, loads of inspirational stylings.

I drew this picture of my mother looking like a cute mole for mothers day. and sent it to her a week late. because i am a bad person.
I think it is quite Shirley Hughesesque, ne'st pas?

I had a birthday. which was nice. I also did a design pitch for a project which was fun, and i will tell you what it is if i get it.

some awesome stuff you might want to check out:
if you ever wondered who did that awesome Ladyhawke cover art, it was Sarah Larnach
I'm a big fan of Anna Botezatu's collages
and Jo Cheung bird pictures (me? likeng birds?) which you can get on cushion covers here. super nice.
Yulia Brodskaya takes quilling to a whole new level.

I'll stop that now or we'll be here all year. sometime I must make a big 'ol links page. altho i did join tumblr the other day, so maybe thats what i should do there.

see you kids on the flip side. blue skies.

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