Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hi! here is a painting i did of a wood duck as part of a current bird-off i am having with awesomely talented nature illustrator Jamie Milk, i think it is my favourite thing i have done in ages, i should use more acrylic. or maybe just draw more ducks:
he is french.
I've been doing plenty much of the drawing in recent times, more Amelia's Magazine fashion loveliness like these amazing Lu Flux Lion Shoes (i mean the shoes are amazing, altho my drawing is not so few great shakes itself, wink wink.)
The facebook project, where i am drawing all of my friends in alphabetical order, currently at 14 down, 310 to go, i am trying not to accept or add too many new friends, but it goes against my basic friendly person (read attention whore) instincts.
this is alys, who i have known since i was a wee nipper. when i was doing my Art GCSE practical in the heady early summer of 2001, she told me i smelt crafty.

I've also done some simple line drawingy pictures for a prayer diary my mum wrote,

which was challenging and lovely, trying to produce something which translates well to a small black and white photocopy, i should keep the experience in mind for when i finally get round to a proper zine project.

thats how for now, exciting t-shirt based blog post coming soon.

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