Saturday, February 3, 2018

Hourly Comic Day

Hello all, so on Thursday I made the last minute decision to join in with Hourly Comic Day instead of calling in for supply work. So in order to justify this guys, we have to make sure this makes £130 worth of social media impact. Can we quantify that? Cool. Thank you to Andy Oliver for alerting me to the day being the day, cos I always miss these kinds of thing. Guys I guess that's what it means to be part of a (Broken Frontier) family and be looked out for and stuff. Tears. Heart thump. 

The idea is you draw all day about what you're doing, like a visual diary. 

I literally do not have time to scan all of these pages in, guys the scanner is in a different room to the TV, you understand.

I did convert the photos to greyscale though so they aren't so distractingly subtly different shades of bluey or orangey not white on account of having been taken in different places and at different times of day. Let's all take a moment to appreciate the infinite human capacity to process colour and translate completely different actual visual information into understanding consistent with the complex memory symbols in our heads. Which I think is why children/non artists can fairly accurately copy the tones from a photo of a face in shadow and still leave those eyeballs creepy ice white, or somehow fail to notice that they haven't coloured in the holes inside the letters of a text piece even though they are literally the only uncoloured thing on the whole page. 

I digress. 

Anyway you can read all about my day here super easily. At the bottom I'm going to link to some other people's awesome hourly comics. 

I feel a bit cheeky that clearly some of this is more like hourly illustration or hourly sketchbook which might cast doubt on my comic chops. But what is the medium if not endlessly flexible? 

So that was my day. 
Sorry for any bits where you couldn't read my writing. 

If you want to see more of my actual comicy comics work I recently updated the comics page on my website, it has pages from the 3point52billion/Biscuits (assorted) project you won't have seen. 

These were some of my other favourite #hourlycomicdays that other people did that I saw.

I love how they are all so different. 
Composing this list was definitely more laborious than it should have been. You have to come out of the picture viewer to click on the links to the twitter. 
Ugh formatting whatever. 
I'm not doing it again. 



I hope nobody minds me sharing, 
it's a weird territory of self exposure and joy I'm trying to not think about. 

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