Saturday, March 2, 2013


I managed to make myself ill last week, predictably, by dashing round London fashion week, then immediately working for 2 days on a Hobbit themed arts workshop for small children, both highly exhausting activities that left me bed ridden by the weekend. I'm a fool to myself it is. Some flu like germs are also to blame, but I prefer to blame myself. Masochistic like that. 

Anyway I have some fashion write-ups, photos and illustrations to share with you. And there will be more to come. For the first time I was armed with a decent camera (lent me by the brilliant Frances) and spent a lot of my time at the shows and exhibitions fiddling with speed and iso and f stops and things I really do not understand, and so less time sketching. I think I prefer sketching. 

But it was nice to come away with my own set of images that I can call my own. Even though it is a bit head f*cky the sheer number of photos that are taken at these events, so there are so many out there with people in the background and those hundreds of moments recorded and pinned down in people's cameras and probably never used anyway. If you know what I mean. 
But also how photographs can never really do these outfits and moments justice. The sheer juiciness of the fabrics, the way they move, the glint of the bling that photos can't capture, not to mention the silly music and posers, the image angst.

Here's some pictures anyway.

live illustration I did at the Lewis and Leigh PR presentation of Claudia Ligari, wearing herself. 

And another live illustration of Eleanor Amoroso. I really enjoyed doing the live drawing, it's definitely my favourite way to attend a fashion party. My write up of the event is on Amelia's Mag here.

this illustration is from my write up of Ekaterina Kukhareva and here is a photo from the same - I like this one because the model looks doll like and pained, and no-one is looking at her.

This is my graphical representation of Holly Fulton, I love her a lot, but it was the first show i went to of the weekend and I got no good photos at all. fail me. Write up is here.

these 2 pics are from the Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion showcase
You see the guy who is asleep? That is what I felt like. Not really. 

Anna Kolomoets, just like this picture. 

Also enjoy this Tom Van Der Borght character, one of many, shall we say, unusual designers showcased by Bloody Gray, my somewhat bitchy write up is here

This photo doesn't do justice to Vita Gottlieb's lovely new city poetry dress - but that's life - see my write up of the Felicities presentation I saw it at here.

Also. This. I don't know what this is. Some people think they can just rock up at Somerset House looking interesting and people will photograph them and put them in blogs and stuff. Cheeky. 

That's over with for another season then. 

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