Tuesday, December 11, 2012

while I do spend sleepless nights regretting how little I managed to cash in on the put a bird on it trend,
(it is now, apparently too late. I still like birds tho. I liked them before it was cool)
I feel secure in my appropriate and even philanthropic handling of put a moustache on itness.

mostly I put moustaches on people. for Gallery of Mo on the internet and at 2 awesome gala parties. Live portraits are one of my all time favourite things to do, I really should investigate how you get a license to do this on the streets for tourists. Although I might have some anger management issues if anyone asks me to do a caricature. 

here are some photos, all taken by Gallery of Mo photographers, of some of my favourite moustache portraits done at the second of these parties. There was a lot of tweed and cowboy in evidence.

here's me drawing

and here's the drawing

here's the beautiful Jenmon and partner

this was my favourite drawing I did on the night

subtle skills of moustache representation were required

and not so subtle 

to my right here you can see the amazing Cliodhna Ztoical of Irish Comic Superstar fame, she was FAST

      but not as fast on the draw as I'm sure these three amigos were, after that quantity of charity beer

After many hours meeting and drawing moustachioed gentlemen, and adding moustaches for the (mostly) unmoustached ladies, I began to see moustaches everywhere and was confused by the hairless lips I saw in the street on my way home.

I feel so proud to have been a part of such a great project, (I already wrote about it some here) bringing together art, charity and comedy in such a great way and contributing to the raising of now over £11k! 

You still have a little time to get yourself a movember portrait from an array of awesome artists over on the Gallery of Mo website too.

So now all I need to do is actually cash in on the trend in a, you know, less selfless way


  1. some epic portraits here! moustaches make everything more awesome :) i now have one on a keyring which i always get out while drunk for photos...

    missed that put a bird on it video but that is pretty hilarious, as an illustrator i have noticed recent trends for birds, especially owls, deer/stags and moustaches haha! it is tempting to just make loads of these things as they certainly sell teehee

    josie x

  2. Hi Josie, thank you! I know moustaches are ace, I should draw more deer as well, they are preeety.