Sunday, May 8, 2011

so this is my plan:

Jenny Robins - Live Weddings and Events artist.

this is my flagship image - painting of Michael and Lucy outside St Paul's Cathedral.

I really really love drawing from life and doing portraits from photos. Both of these things are joy, and I'm good at them.

So today I revamped my website a bit to include pages on events drawing and portraits. (go check it out, I rejigged the fashion section too to include some of the last crop of LFW drawings).

On offer is live watercolour portraits similar to those done at the ACOFI launch, also a sort of reportage service where I can record your event for posterity in a unique and exciting way, pre or post event paintings from photographs are also on offer separately or as part of an events package.

The next part is me contacting wedding magazines, event companies, venues and such. If you know anyone who is getting married, or throwing a ball, or who might like a portrait commission, please do mention me, I'll be looking to do a couple of bargain basement events gigs to start off with to boost my portfolio.

I think if I can make this work it's going to be super acecakes and awesome. Horay!

Here to whet your appetite is some Royal Wedding sketches I did off of the BBC coverage (some coloured versions featured on Amelia's Magazine here and here), and a painting of Will and Kate from their engagement. There is also a version with laser eyes. You can see that here.

fyi I did not go to a street party. But I did eat a lot of sushi that day.

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