Thursday, February 3, 2011

At this time of year I would usually be pimping my awesome handmade Alternative Valentines cards but I've got too much of that life stuff going on to make any this year (boooooooo)
If you are sensible though, you will get this mini zine I made of the best bits. You can use it as a valentines gift, or to cheer yourself up cos your a loser loner.

What did I learn at the Amelia's Compendium of Fasion Illustration launch?

if people with actual good cameras and photography nous/talent take photos of you, you come out looking much more hot. see below.

painty painty sketchy sketchy, the second photo is taken by Joana Faria (also a super awesome illustrator who I shared a table with in our sketchings) and i think the first one might be too but I'm not sure.

also, chunky knits in nuetral colours are still quite in. Sadly my paper white complection probably couldn't pull them off, even with a posh camera flash effect of not bleaching me whiter than white. I rock a slate pallete tho. obviously.

But enough about me, more about my drawings. Or, no, well, lets talk about the party first because I have to say it was super ace, or, amazeballs as I believe is the parlance. Of all the launch parties I have been to, and I have been to several, it was by far the best. Amelia and co really do know what they are doing with this stuff. I was cream crackered after the last week at my first PGCE placement (I had to mark a lot of sketchbooks - bless their little pencils!) but the adrenaline of doing my favouritest thing (well, you know, ONE of them) of drawing live things kept me on point till about midnight when this pumpkin caught the bus back home.

If I'd stayed a bit later I might have managed to meet more illustrators and fashion peeps which would have been even more balls of amazing, but as it was I was still joyous and enchanted to meet such geniuses as June Chanpoomidole (I love her self portrait in the book so much, she is still the network queen - i think she met everyone at the party), Zarina Liew (long legs ink wizard), Jo Cheung
(birds and diamonds joy) (I met them already but it was still nice to see them) and Lesley Barnes (she is little and layers transparent things, I think I love her), Abby Wright (charming, I may have been rude to her, I forget), Natsuki Otani (you know she's a genius of colour, I want to be her when I grow up), Antonia Parker (epic hair, epic outfit, sparkleyest smile in tunny wells), Joana Faria (brilliant and beautiful, we are going to get drunk in Lisbon, maybe), Andrea Peterson (too talented to be allowed, and lovely, but i suppose she did fly a long way), Michelle Urvall Nyren (stunning, truly, i kept wanting to draw her instead of the fashionistas, and lovely brushwork), Naomi Law (I think we assembled bags together - awesome work, awesome girl), Gareth A Hopkins (taller than most of the other illustrators, due to being male, and comical), Rachel de Ste. Croix aka Precious Little. (lovely like her drawings), and also Erica Sharp (a total collage genius, sadly I only met her briefly)

I think I also met some of the other illustrators after I had had a few vodka O and ginger beers, but I wouldn't want to sweat in a court of law. Also I met Lu Flux (I was very excited) and lots of awesome fashion and arty people.

this just in, I'm not going to post any drawings now, I am going to wait till they have all been posted by the people I did them for or it's like they didn't get an exclusive. OK I might post a couple.

Danielle Brown of Poppy Cleopatra

Laura Snoad from Design Week

quick sketch of Amelia being interviewed by Alex Cox from Don't Panic (I drew him properly looking less round headed also - watch the space that is here.


  1. Awww! Thank you for your sweet fly words! Wish I came earlier and saw you sketched! See the magic happen! Im happy you got loads out from experience. PS. Cheers for liking my self portrait, honestly I not keen on it lol xx

  2. i think it really kind of captures you, and i like the colours, it's hard to like pictures of yourself tho isn't it? i'm not keen on mine either.