Monday, May 17, 2010

take that the letter A

todays blog post is brought to you by the letter A (and the number 25)
because that's right kids I have now drawn all of my friends who start with this glorious first letter of the alphabet, project stands at 25 down, 299 to go.

you like stats? um, you want more numbers?

ok, i will next be drawing only 4 friends beginning with B before embarking on a mammoth 29 beginning with C, 20 with D, 13 with E, and I'm bored of counting now, plenty more.

of the 25 drawn so far there have been 7 in black and white, 5 painted in watercolour, 2 coloured entirely on the computer,
5 friends are holding drinks (what does that tell you about facebook culture, or is it just culture?) with other props including sword and unicycle.
9 out of the 25 are wearing hats or prominant hair accesories. 11 friends so far have made my drawing their profile picture.
well, thats enough of that anyway.

I definitely am going to draw them all by the way. don't you go doubtin' ya'hear?

what have I learned so far from drawing friends beginning with an A?
well, I have learned that I am really happy to have such awesome friends, even the ones I have blatently lost touch with, because looking at everyone's photos and deciding how to draw them mostly made me think how much i like them and am glad to have met them.


i could make observations about how people often pick for their profile pics the photos of themselves that look least like them, or how some people just don't photograph as hot as they actually are, and other people photograph hotter than they actually are. but that's not really anything I havn't thought before.

so far the project is more than meeting its primary objectives. I'm enjoying it, it's helping me to be in touch with people and to meet new people, and enhancing my, you know, web presence or something. I love having a project.


in addition and as well, check out this photo of all dissapointed sparrow t-shirts in different colours Michael over at tinyrun sent me. cest magnifuque ne'st pas?


  1. ohh I love those tee's! I want one

  2. lol, they were a limited print run, but i have a ladies small left and a few mens ones in yellow, or you could try contacting micheal at who did the printing, in case he is doing another run.