Wednesday, December 9, 2009

it's the most wonderful time of the year. Oh Yes.

i wish i could have a cat.

I did this nice festive christmas card design for the West Sussex Crossroads charity, who do good things for carers and their care-ees, horay!

I've also been making some exciting extra stock for the All I want for Xmas market, including some very nice mirrors and notebooks, still at least 2 more dates left this thursday and saturday so don't hesitate to visit the christmas cards have been doing well but there are still plenty left so don't hesistate to pick some up form the shop or let me know via communication of email or phone or pigeon etc. if you want some. The last postal date for Japan is tomorrow, so hurry!

In real life news, i put up my christmas tree and it is very sparkly, i have a cold, and an unhealthy interest in strawberry balsamic salad dressing.

stay classy.

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