Monday, June 10, 2013

some of the portraits I did at the Pop Up Vintage Fair in Islington

I tried out a few new ideas here - offering people the choice of having themselves drawn in the style of a vintage period or famous vintage person (can you spot who?) although most people still plumped for a straight up portrait

a very lovely lady 

 a closet glamour puss, obviously

There were definitely some interesting characters at the vintage fair. On the theme of bringing back the past, one lady (not pictured) wanted me to draw her 30 years younger than she was, although that's not what she said, she just kept telling me I was drawing her wrong. That's not the shape of my jaw, well no, but you can't see the shape of your jaw anymore I'm afraid love. I felt a bit better when her daughter told me she thought I'd captured her perfectly (phew). 

Thankfully everyone else was lovely. The gentleman pictured bottom left also regaled me with a fascinating diatribe on how in the old days men were men and women were women and how jogging bottoms ought to be outlawed. I swear I saw him on Upper Street last week in what I would call jogging bottoms. 

Also while I was there I managed to justify buying a necklace with the proviso that I will wear it on my wedding day - not long to go at all now eep!

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