Saturday, June 8, 2013

Parp. I have too many things to blog about 


This month's top news in pictures?

I drew portraits of people in a caravan covered in Heisenburg's face. I blogged about it here for StoryHands. I don't like Breaking Bad, please send your outraged postcards to...

for a limited time only you can buy some of my pictures on OhhDeer on mobile phone covers (!) iphone and galaxy herehere  and here . Also on some nice Giclee prints here here and here and on canvas here 

I made these birthday cards. You can buy them here

I got my sister to get my cat (by association only now really, as I haven't lived with her for many years) to  pick the winner to my pet portrait giveaway. That was cool. Emma won. 

I also did some portraits at a Pop Up Vintage Fair. I might actually blog about that though, COMING SOON ISN'T IT. I might also blog about my wedding invites that I designed for my wedding. 

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