Sunday, January 9, 2011

This post is brought to you by the letter C, and the number 59.

fall off a log kids! it's the end of the Cs in my project of drawing all of my facebook friends in alphabetical order.

last time this happened I did a little meaningless stats round up so lets do that again.


so so far, I have drawn 59 people out of a potential total of 341.
It may not have felt like it when I was drawing 8 people called Chris, but the girls have it with 34 to 25.

Friends from Sunny Sussex (by the sea), land of my birth and youth, are just in the lead with 22 friends, narrowly beating friends I met in Southampton at 19. In the last 2+ years i've lived in the shining capital of grande brittainia (London) I've made 9 friends beginning with the letters A-C. Not bad going I think you'll agree. I have also drawn so far 4 friends I met whilst traveling the world and also 4 friends (6.8%) who I have classified as OTHER. Make of that what you will.

8 friends were drawn primarily in pencil, 11 in pen, 13 in paint or ink and 10 were coloured on the computer.

17 friends will be entered into the category of MIXED MEDIA. like all the best things.

13 friends so far could be categorized in their drawing as being in fancy dress. (22%)

These stats may not actually add up, i'm not counting again tho! like i don't have better things to avoid doing.

Maybe when I've finished the Ds I'll be so desperate to procrastinate that I'll do some cool info-graphics. That would be sweet.

Maybe I could make more interesting stats if I actually knew more information about my friends, can't do a graph about guessed sexuality or forgotten ethnic origin and career status. I am a bad person (at small talk, and remembering things). Or, actually, I am an awesome person who does not judge people by such things and so does not think to find them out by devious gossiping and boring conversation. Yes.

Hooray for Friends.

For extra joy, here is a collage I made out of things I did during the Holiday Season as
an example for one of my Year 8 classes who are doing collage.

It is supposed to tell the story of my holiday so you can see that I had beer, and a cold, and chocolate and got some pyjamas. Also there are some goodies on there from the Super Christmas Market at Somerset House, which I have to say was a fairly mental event.

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