Sunday, January 16, 2011

Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration

So, Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration (featuring the very best in ethical fashion design).
I has a copy, you should get one too.

It is a very special book, not least because the concept behind it is so exciting and unique - showcasing illustrative talent and also at the the same time showcasing ethical fashion designers.

This is important. We need more people to know that the alternative is out there and sweatshops are not the only answer. As well as the wealth of pictures there's also interviews with all those included which adds a whole other dimension. I can't comment much on these not having yet had time to read them but I've heard good things.

I made these pictures of SOME (note - really, only some, there are loads more) of the best bits.

A lot of the work is stunning, it's a treasure trove of illustrative and design talent.
In places, a part of me (the minimalist junkie part) feels less would have been more, but the overwhelming feel is one of brimming with content - like opening a jewelery box full of beautiful bling, and the effect is gorgeous, more than worth the price tag.

I remember when I was what? 16? when Fashion Illustration Now came out and there was a copy in our local library. between myself and my friend Ellie Cryer (the genius illustrator), we must have had it out in shifts all year. Now there's a lot of fashion illustration books available, there may have been then, I don't know. Small village, 16 year old lack of knowledge. Believe me, I teach them now, don't see the nose on their face ;). But I never find them as exciting as that book was back then, it seemed like a window of possibility, the sheer variety of approaches (and I don't say I liked them all) and freshness of the work was like a revelation to me at the time.

more highlights.

Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration is like that. It is full of possibility and promise and hope. I love it. But enough of words, I'm sure you want to see some pictures. Trying to choose my favourites is impossible - we'd be here all night as theres so much awesomeness. But here are some of the pictures what are in it.
haha, this one is by me.
This one is by Jennifer Costello

this one is by Lesley Barnes

This one is by Yelena Bryksenkova
This one is by Zarina Liew

OK no I am going to stop now, although I am already feeling about how much stuff I am not including, talking about how much I love Junesees' self portrait in the book - it's so her, and Lisa Stannard's creepy eyes and all Erica Sharp's beautiful collages, and Jo Cheung's printy patterns and Natsuki Otani's colours (always), Bex Glover's amazing natural poses, Katie Harnett's smouldering elegant charecters and Emma Block's super charming painted papercuts. I could go on.

nothing for it kids, you just have to check out the book yourself.

(I am in it too, did I mention that)


  1. what a great the pics with all the pages on them!

  2. oh my, these are amazing! I wish I had my hands on this one

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