Sunday, April 11, 2010

stuff and things.

I finally got round to making one of those facebook fan pages that all the kids are talking about. I'm going to do a silly project based there soon i think, you know like one of those, 365 drawings of my cat, or illustrating every single beatles song using only moulding icing projects. not actually one of those two. a different one.
my Cabal design is being made into one of 8 postcards of the super dog, which should be available in May. woo.

I went to see Chilly Gonzales on thursday and did some drawing. he is a great entertainer and awesome musician, but very tricky to draw as his head is allways moving, hair greasin' and flinging about, fingers flying across the keyboard, that sort of thing. here are the 2 i was happy with.

yeah, he was wearing a dressing gown and slippers, the girl is the one he molested as a finale. guess he wanted to make his audience feel violated. the hipsters were loving it.

I also found one of my favourite band drawings i ever did which i am scanning in for your pleasure here:
it's of a band called Skitanja who i saw in 2007, obviously, they seem to like dressing up.

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