Tuesday, April 20, 2010

in which i talk about THE PROJECT

go go gadget illustrator.

so i could probably come up with dozens of reasons why i decided to start a project where i draw every single one of my facebook friends in alphabetical order, pretentious, profesional and personal. i'm only 7 down, 113 to go, and i'm already talking to old friends and new proffesional contact/friends to be. it's all very exciting.

In a way it follows on from the project i did with creaturemag, dealing with issues of, er, friendship, and i guess how we define ourselves by the people we know/love. I'm always talking about facebook being our generations this or that; christmas card, extended family, soap box, whatever, and there's endless mileage in the ins and outs of social networking etiquette.


A big part of the project as well is that i have to draw every single one of my facebook friends, inclluding people i really don't know, literaly added on their phone in a club and never saw again, people i would definitely hide from if i saw them first while waiting for a lift from Haywards Heath Station, and also will include 2 people who have died in the last few years but whose facebook pages remain as a sort digital of monument to their lives. Thats something else important that facebook does and that's going to be hard.

I guess what i mean to say is, Horay For Friends! and. i am a social media whore.

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