Thursday, December 6, 2012

Did I post official pictures of my chrismtas cards yet?

no. no I didn't.

here they are. 

I decided to combine 2 of my favourite things. drawing birds and making collages out of found text.

you can buy them here in packs of 8 or email/tweet/bookface me with your requirements.

if you do I will send you an EXCLUSIVE code for a discount off of my etsy shop isn't it?

featured in background small part of our excellent christmas tree. of course.
this is a Robin. like my name. but just one of them.

this is a tufted titmouse. from AMERICA

this is a turtle dove. like on the second day of christmas, only just one of them.

this one is A LITTLE BIT RUDE, even with the strategically placed snowflake. sorry. it is sparrows. they look as happy as sparrows usually seem to when I draw them. which is not at all.

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