Monday, November 19, 2012

stuff and yet and at the same time things

so here are some in progress pictures of the mural I did in the summer, still don't have a good image of the whole thing finished with the toucan and the palm tree and stuff. It was very fun, 

I plan to somewhat muralise my childhood room in my parents house, when I finish painting it white, in, you know a tasteful way which will not impinge on the agenda of making it a usable guest room or diminish the saleability of their house. And yet and at the same time possibly include zombie hands. 

Apart from inappropriate, my most overused word is Serendipity.

you may have seen it in my work like here

and here

My mind is constantly boggled by self evident facts about creativity, like how on any other day of your life, you wouldn't have painted EXACTLY that picture, or written that exact poem or song or whatever. How even if you have had an idea bubbling away in the back of your head for years, the day you finally put it to paper a hundred things in your life, or on your desk, or in the news, will effect it's outcome. Even though I am as ever in the land of the busy bees, I am trying to find room to make more serendipitous work. 

Like yesterday I found this phrase and cut it out and then I made this

It's a precursor to my 2012 Christmas cards which I am now half way through making which will be here soon. I want to find more ways to combine the drawing/painting with the collage.

I've also been working on a fair few pet portraits like this one

And have decided to separate this business from my illustration, you know, brand, as it's a bit messy and confusing to have too many things in one place. To this end, I made a website for my pet portraits, it is here 

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