Monday, October 29, 2012

So, I was going to write a blog post all about the Ohh Deer cushion competition shop, show you a few of my favourites, and talk about how confusing a world we live in, where the job of helping the consumer find the talent is so varied and shot in the darkish. And how very much amazing arty talent there is out there, but that that shouldn't put you off, because you have to remember that there are still billions of people in the world, you just have to somehow find the ones that like your work and happen to have a disposable income, and about how it's still a cop out when web based competitions turn into popularity contests, and if no-one loses no-one really wins. And trying to work out whether I think that matters. 

But I've been ill, and busy, at least a little lazy, and the shop closes at the end of today.

So just in case you like my work and have disposable income, and aren't turned off by the above arts graduate angst, you still have today to buy my cushion, which looks like this

and also to look at all the other awesome designs that people submitted that then all got put up for sale. There are some really really cool ones, so try and think of who might want a cushion for Christmas k?

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