Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blog it up!

lots of reasons to be famous this week, featured on the ever brilliant Creaturemag, one of an awesome lineup of valentines artists being posted daily on Illustration Rally (make sure you check out the rest), also featured by the beautiful fashion blogger from Amsterdam Judith Anna yes that is a Panda Panda of Frida Where Are You?, commision on her banner design, one of my newest fav illustrators after spotting her portrait on Style Bubble in the same post as my hands.

after sketching my little heart out at the Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration launch recently, my creations have been popping up all over along with lots of other amazing work by the other contributors. You can see my full run up here. I have condenced some of them for easy viewing:
from left: Alex Cox from Don't Panic, my favourite free magazine, he asked me if I like movies.
Carrie from wishwishwish - wasn't wearing a sailor suit, the drawing just came out that way
Danielle from Poppy Cleopatra, fashion writer into 'a bit of everything' (I approve)
Ellen Grace Jones from The Real Runway sporting her own beautiful handmade jewelery
Laura Snoad from Design Week (this is my favourite drawing - her colours called to me across the crowded tearoom and I nabbed her for my paints. That sounds a bit odd. ignore that) in gorgeous Tatty Devine Necklace and dress by Darling
Sabrina from The Sceince of Style requested a velociraptor in her drawing, I tried my best.
superstar stylist Tamara Cincik and her unborn child, in a selection of Flea Market treasures.
David Alphonso who teaches at Noisy Writing stood as still as a statue, I suggested a career in life modelling.
Amisha Ghadiali of elegance rebellion, only wears ethical fashion (very impressive) again in a sboutique necklace from her own collection - stunning.
Amy of Tantrum Magazine had awesome hair and lived up to the ethos of her publication.
Beth Davis of Oh Comely Magazine (you may remember I went to their launch that one time).
and lastly but actually my firstly drawing of the night Bettina Krohn from Make Lemonade, she had this stunning fake fur collar shaped stole from the online vintage boutique itself. aces.

I won't trouble you with too many of my photos as already stated there were many superior cameras in cleverer hands around,
but here is Zarina (Cobaltcafe) Liew, Antonia (Makes) Parker and her boy in a spledid christmas jumper enjoying some of the evening festivity with carbon nuetral beer (!)
Here is Rachel de (precious little) Ste Croix drawing THE Suzie Bubble while being photographed by the great Sally Mumbly Croft and someone else who is probably also great in some way.
seated in the same actual chairs but from the other side, here is my sketch of Michelle Urvall Nyren and Naomi Law drawing each other. You can see the drawing Michelle was doing here, so it's all tripy and circular. and in here is the sketch Naomi did too, for like actual fractal postage.

I also did this quick painting of photographer Liz with epic leggings (not pictured) who was so busy she ran off before I added the pen, but I like it without in fact, so here it is.
Tigz gets her own line, because. She is awesome.

And finally this is Duck (of the epic Anastasia and Duck)(I'm sure he has an actual name too) because he was the opposite of Liz and just got the Pilot Hi-techpoint V7 treatment (no paints) as he said he had to leave. Although I'm pretty sure he was still there half an hour later.

Anyway it was a really ace night. bit trippy. but I'm going to stop blogging about it now. probably.

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