Friday, December 17, 2010

Hiya, I watched quite a lot of X-factor (for me) this year, it's a bit mental isn't it. The Sunday shows make me pretty angry so i try and just watch the Saturday ones, although sometimes it's easier to just watch it. Television is my friend.
Also, I actually voted for rebecca in the final because matt cardigan has a boring voice and didn't deserve to win. but tch Politics what can you do. First time i put money into reality TV since i voted for Jade Goody the first time round. And I love big brother. Anyway I'm only talking about it because I wanted to show you this drawing I did about how Louis is a loser, it is here with some other X-themed illos on Amelia's
School is nearly over for Christmas (joys) so I may have time to procrastinate some next week and bring you more art gifts. The exhaustion of confussion at being a student and a teacher at the same time has been keeping me busy in the manner of several bees, possibly a whole hive. As a generally softcore person it has mostly made me softer than softcore. je suis le pathetic. but is all good.
The facebook project has been progressing a little in betweentimes, I drew a picture of my friend Cleveland (that's him above) and he drew me back! (i was ver touched) here it is.

this is like a snapshot of my life 3 years ago when I worked with him in the cinema, and used to chill out and doodle on receipts a lot when it was quiet, and go dancing on weeknights like a student. *sigh* simpler times. It is super awesome tho and I defintely encourage other drawees to redraw.

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