Friday, May 14, 2010

here are some drawings that i did in Paris last week, cos thats where I was, in Paris.
here are some drawings at Musee de L'Orangerie, or De Lingerie as i prefer to call it
these are drawings in the famous cemetery with Oscar Wilde in, we didn't find Oscar, but we couldn't help seeing Jim Morrison, there were flocks of tourists seeking him. including many spanish preteens. just like being in Brighton.
this is a band that were playing in Montmartre, it was funny on me because i said to Alex, I said, i want to draw them they look really french. but they were American. Also the star of my failing at cultural recognition is where I was aproached by a clipboard person near the catacoombs (which were cool) and i panicked and told her i did not ablo a spaniel. which is bad. cos she was french. not spanish. obviously.

on the plus side. I had a macaroon from McDonalds, as featured in The Stylist.

Here are some recent Amelia's magazine pictures I did.

this one is from this article about women and the election and stuff.
this is my fave, see how it looks like i drew London Bridge actually there, but actually I drew it at my messy desk looking at Google image search. that's cos i drew it REALLY FAST.

Anyway its all about how there's these elephants, you know like there was those cows before? the Elephants are all over London, they are a bit too My Little Pony in their original form you know, with big cartoony eyes, what's that about? but the art done on them is mostly awesome, so read Matt's article about it with my picture and loads of other cool ones here.

In a little while there will also be toads. in Hull.
really what's next?

but no, it's a good thing because my amazingly talented and special illustrator friend Sasha Heath
is doing one and you can be a part of it! splains here.

oh yes. also, after the other day when I was bitching and moaning cos I failed to draw Robin Ince, I got to draw comediens for Amelia's article about some comedy thing she went to. Including that Mr Ince, I put him in a Pink Stetson which was a reference to the stuff he said when I saw him not when she saw him, yeah? the best bit is that the visual reference I used for the Stetson was a picture of Borris Johnson
and then also I drew Marcus Brigstock talking about political evolution.

that is all.

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