Saturday, December 26, 2009


so i went to the Xmas market a bit, it went variously. met lots of lovely people and saw some awesome stuff like cards by Jamie Littler, and other talented people from soupa and some Brighton people from the Permanent Bookshop - zines woo, and lots of other people who i will maybe talk about here when i get around to going through my little pile of business cards.

I also sent some what birds are really thinking and love books to Southampton zine and craft fair at the art house gallery, which apparently went down well.

things coming in the new year:

-fun times.

-me featuring on the brand spanking new multimedia-ey uber cool website the Sound of the Walls

-Driver Dan's Story Train first airing on CBBC in january - my episode will come in a few months and then i can post the artwork! - be excited and make it your child's - or your new favourite programme!

not quite in the new year but also to be featured on Tigerprint's awesome typepad blog on sunday, hi hi, blue skies if your visiting from the link! - have a look around i especially recomend the love and birds sections.

hope your christmas was merry, or your non-denominational bank holiday was fruitfull and nice.


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